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Fax-to-Email is FREE

You don't pay a cent for your Fax-To-Email Number.



This service remains FREE - always!

Save on ink and paper-wastage.

Save on extra faxline rental.

Fax-to-Email is SECURE

Standard Emails and Digital Documents can be altered. Fax-to-Email protects the integrity of documents containing sensitive and confidential information.

Documents are faxed to your Fax-To-Email number and thus cannot be altered.

Fax-to-Email protects your privacy
as documents only arrive via
your own chosen email address.

Fax-to-Email is CONVENIENT

Fax-to-Email is always at your service, regardless of the weather conditions,  time of day or whether there is paper in the fax machine.

You can receive faxes within minutes by simply signing up for FREE, without leaving your seat.

Your fax number is never engaged.

Your fax number won't change,
even if you move or change jobs.